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Attaching an Article to a Reference

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RefWorks allows you to attach files to a reference.  Most commonly, the attachment feature can be used to add the full text article to its citation. The benefit of attaching a full text article to its reference within RefWorks is that it allows you to access the article quickly and easily from anywhere - you don't have to be on the computer where you downloaded the article and you don't have to search the database again where you found the article. Attaching an article is fairly straight-forward and only requires a few steps.


1) In this example, I have logged into my RefWorks account where I have already imported in a reference, the article titled Five ways to transform a business. After I added the reference to my account, I also saved the full text article to my computer.



2) On the right side of the screen is an "Edit" link.



3) The Edit Reference screen allows you to add extra details about the reference.  You can even add notes that you may have taken about the article in several "User" sections.  Adding a file to the reference is done in the "Attachment" section which is located near the top.



4) To add the full text article to the reference, click on the "Browse..." button.



5) Navigate to where the file is saved, select the file name, then click on the "Open" button.



6) The path to the file should now be displayed in the text box.  Click on "Add attachment" to upload the file to RefWorks.



7) Depending on the size of the file, the upload process could take several seconds, during which a "Loading - Please wait..." message will be displayed.



8) Once the file has been attached, a thumbnail (small image) of the article should be displayed.



9) Articles on the reference list that have attachments display a paperclip.



10) To view the article later, click on the "View" link next to the reference on the reference list.



11) Click on the article and it will open up.



Please be aware that although you can share your references with others who have a RefWorks account, you cannot share attachments.


Besides full text articles, there are other types of files that you might want to attach to a reference:

  • You are working on a research covering a style of music - you can add a music file as an example of that style.
  • You are working on a biographical paper about someone from history - you can add a digital photo of that person.
  • You have typed up some notes about a reference - you can attach the notes.

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